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See everything, all the time, wherever you are.

Product features

Stream Live to Your mobile device

Unlimited camera connections

3-point angle adjustment
(CL-4000 only)

360° Rotatable Lens
(CL-4001 only)

720p High Definition Resolution

Nightvision (30ft)

Two Way Audio Communication

Motion-sensing with alert notification

Wi-Fi online cloud storage available
(subscription fees apply)

Quick and Easy Setup

free-standing or mountable
(hardware included)

on-board memory storage up to 32GB
(MicroSD card not included)


How-to Video

Pilot GuardCam FAQ

  • 1) How to reset your GuardCam?

    a. If you cannot sync to your GuardCam camera from your mobile device. Try resetting the device and start over. First, from GuardCam app, delete the camera from your GuardCam app (you do not need to uninstall app). Second, while the camera is plugged into power and has been powered on for at least 2 minutes. Locate the reset button, use the supplied reset tool to press the reset button. You MUST hold the reset button for 10 seconds (you will hear two audible "chirps" come from the camera when successful). Please wait up to two minutes before attempting to pair with the camera again via your mobile device. Once camera is ready to pair again, you will hear two auditable "chirps" come from the camera.

  • 2) Do I need to register on the Pilot GuardCam app or use GuardCam products?

    a. Yes, you must register on the app.

  • 3) What mobile devices can be used on GuardCam products?

    a. Both Apple and Android mobile devices

  • 4) Can the camera's record audio and video?

    a. Yes, GuardCam products can record. You must install a Micro SD Card (32Gb Max) on each camera.

  • 5) Can I "share" my cameras with others?

    a. Yes, you can share each individual camera up to 4 people. They must install the GuardCam app to view. Refer to user manual on how to "share".

  • 6) How many cameras can I have on my GuardCam app?

    a. As many as you like. There is no maximum number

  • 7) Can I have a camera at my office and one at my home?

    a. Yes, you can place cameras anywhere in the world you like (assuming there is Wi-Fi available for your camera).

  • 8) My camera didn't pair with my device properly, what do I do?

    a. Reset your camera and remove camera from your device list and re-pair it again. Refer to instructions on how to do this

  • 9) Can I unplug my camera and move it to another location in my home without problems?

    a. You can unplug and move your camera anywhere in your home as long as the Wi-Fi signal you first paired with your camera is still present in the new location.

  • 10) Camera shows "offline" when trying to access it from the app.

    a. First, make sure your internet (wifi) is working. If you internet isn't active, the camera will display this message.

    b. Second, try unplugging the camera from the wall outlet. Plug back in and wait until the camera turns back on. If this doesn't correct issue please call us at 800-237-7560

  • 11) Why is my camera show video in Black & White?

    a. When night vision is activated on the GuardCam, your display will be changed to Black and White for better video resolution while in night vision mode. When the camera senses enough light, it will turn off night vision and your video will go back to Color.

  • 12) What Wi-Fi networks can be used with GuardCam?

    a. 802.11 a/b/g/n @ 2.4GHz.

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